We’ve all been there – looking for that perfect professional who can bring your vision to life. 

And let’s face it, talented individuals are always seeking their ideal project, a chance to truly shine!

That’s why we created Wizer.

We’re not just a marketplace for licensed professionals and businesses in the UAE.

We are a community that goes beyond just connecting businesses and individuals for any need. Our platform bridges the gap between licensed professionals (i.e., service providers) and local firms/individuals in the UAE (i.e., service seekers). 

With a focus on eight key in-demand fields, Wizer has a perfect niche for every professional. 

All in all, we want to work as a catalyst to make sure professionals do what they love and service seekers get what they want with full freedom in their hands.


Our Mission?

To be the go-to platform where businesses and individuals find ‘quality’ talent with just one tap. 

We go the extra mile with: 

1. Fetching Licensed Professionals Only: So that the clients get quality work, every time.

2. Secure Payment: Our escrow-like system protects both the service seekers and the professionals from unfinished transactions.

3. Local Talent: We’ll help you get connected with local licensed professionals and businesses based in the UAE.

Our Vision?

To create an ecosystem for licensed professionals to connect with service seekers.

1. For Service Seekers
Find the perfect expert for any project, big or small, with the peace of mind that comes from working with licensed professionals in the UAE. Our escrow-like payment system protects your investment, and our local reach fosters trust and reliability.

2. For Service Providers
Showcase your skills and land projects with ease. We put you in control, allowing you to work on projects you love and set your schedule.

We want you to grow with us.

Let’s make it happen!